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Ebel Replica estimate that coral bleaching and other man-made causes have caused 50% of the world's coral coral reefs to disappear over the past 30 years. Even worse, coral reefs could disappear in 80 years if there is no direct action.

cheap Ebel Replica is on a mission of bringing Change for the Better and supports many non-profits that work to protect the future of the oceans. Ebel will partner again with Coral Restoration Foundation this year. Coral Restoration Foundation is a Florida-based non-profit that has been recognized as the leading authority on coral restoration.

Ebel launched the first Ebel Carysfort Reef Limited Edition earlier this year. This limited edition, 50-piece, gold version of its buy replica rolex watch (please read about it here), was released to raise awareness and funds for the foundation. Ebel will now release a second stainless steel piece, limited to 2,000 copies, in support of the foundation.

Why? Although they only cover 1% of the Earth's total surface, coral reefs are home to at least 25% of all marine fish species. These coral reefs also help to sustain oxygen production in the oceans. Their survival is crucial for the health of our planet.

They are replica watches also a huge contributor to the global economy. Coral reefs are estimated to have a global worth of around $10 trillion.

Ebel Replica for sale (Chair Development Officer, Coral Restoration Foundation) says that coral reefs are an essential part of healthy oceans and provide essential ecosystem services.