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Corum Replica Carl Brashear Cal. The Carl Brashear Foundation created the 401 Limited Edition to support their efforts. Corum is thrilled that this watch, limited to 2,000 pieces only, will be the first to feature Corum Calibre401, their second in-house movement.

The case of the new watch is 40mm in diameter and made from bronze. This material was chosen because it represents not only the diving helmets Carl wore during his career as a U.S Navy Master Diver but also because it's a metal which will tell its own tale.

best Corum Replica is a natural metal that patinates when it reacts with oxygen in air and moisture from the skin. It will develop a unique look over time that is reminiscent of the watch's wearer's personal history.

It houses the Corum Calibre 400 automatic Best Replica Watches. It is based on Calibre 400 and was launched last year. It was created from scratch by Corum's watchmakers. It is more precise than a chronometer (to within 3 to +5 seconds per day), and solves many mechanical movement problems of today by offering higher levels of anti-magnetism. A five-day power reserve, as well as a 10-year extended warranty.

Calibre 401 by Corum differs from Calibre 400 in that it has a few seconds at 6 o??clock. This is an Corum signature. It is a movement that can overcome all obstacles in life - it is a symbol of the spirit Carl Brashear displayed throughout his service.

swiss Corum Replica also created a blue dial inspired by naval tradition.